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Record Last Updated On: 11/7/2017
Death Date: SEP//1883 Interment Date: SEP/17/1883 Birth Date: MAY/13/1810
Age at Death: 73y Cause of Death:
Location at Death:  St Joseph, Missouri
Physical Location at Death:
Sex: M Nativity: GERMAN Ethnicity: CAUCASIAN
Military Branch: Military Rank: War Service:
Other Special Distinctions/Memberships:
Child of: Joseph Emanuel Andriano & Magdalena Carolina Brentana
Spouse of: Elisabetha Mayer
Mother of:
Father of: Carolina Emma Andriano, Joseph Andriano
Other Known Relatives:
Brief Biography: Found in: Portrait and biographical record of Buchanan and Clinton counties, Missouri ... By Chapman Brothers ..was educated at Manheim and became a merchant at Frankfort. He was for a time in the Government employ as Treasurer at Heidelberg, and in the Revolution of 1818 took an active part. His house was guarded and he had to flee, leaving everything, and only then escaped by the aid of friends in the regular army. He finally reached Havre in the fall of 1848, and at once took passage in a sailing-vessel bound for New Orleans, where he arrived at the (Mid of six weeks. Coming up the Mississippi as far as St. Louis, he resided there until the spring of 1850, then bringing his family to St. Joseph, where he kept a boarding-house. He later became a manufacturer and bottler of soda and mineral waters. In later life he retired from active business and invested somewhat in real estate. He was President of the City Council and was an active Republican during the war, being, however, more liberal than the majority and in favor of enfranchising the rebels. At one time he was one of four hundred citizens who went to the polls in a body. His death occurred in September, 1885, at the age of seventy-three years. His wife, formerly Miss Elizabeth Meyer, was born in Dantzic, Germany, and died in 1877, leaving but two children, and Lena, who is now Mrs. Dr. Hildebrand, of San Francisco, Cal.
Tombstone Material: N/A Tombstone Shape: N/A Tombstone Condition: N/A
Vault Type: Burial Number: 1612  
Mausoleum: Ashes:  
Other Relatives in Plot: Elizabetha Meyer Andriano, Joseph Andriano
Lot Location:
Block Location:
Section/Range Location:
GPS Coordinates:
Funeral Home:
Funeral Home City/State:
Cost of Interment: $0.00 Date Paid:
Photo(s) of Tombstone:
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