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Record Last Updated On: 1/5/2016
Death Date: NOV/6/1913 Interment Date: NOV/8/1913 Birth Date: //1833
Age at Death: 80 Cause of Death: ENTERITIS
Location at Death:  St. Joseph, Missouri
Physical Location at Death: 423 N. 17th
Sex: F Nativity: AMERICAN Ethnicity: CAUCASIAN
Military Branch: Military Rank: War Service:
Other Special Distinctions/Memberships:
Child of: Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Pryor
Spouse of: Miranda C. Riley
Mother of:
Father of: Don Riley, Emma Riley, Lizzie Riley
Other Known Relatives:
Brief Biography: Obituary from a St.Joseph Newspaper Nov 6, 1913: Mrs. M.J. Riley Dead. Was Widow of Miranda C. Riley and Mother of Don Riley--A Native of Kentucky. Mrs. J. J. Riley, widow of Miranda C. Riley, died at 4:15 o'clock this morning at the residence of her son, Don Riley, 423 North Seventeenth street. She was eighty years old and had been in fairly good health for one of her age until two weeks ago. Mrs. Riley was a native of Kentucky and came to St. Joseph with her husband in 1866. He died seventeen years ago. She was a devoted member of the First Christian Church, having been a member of the church practically all her life. She is widely known among the older residents of the city. Don Riley is her only child. The funeral will be conducted at the son's residence Saturday at 2 o'clock p.m. and burial will be at Mount Mora.
Tombstone Material: N/A Tombstone Shape: N/A Tombstone Condition: N/A
Vault Type: Burial Number: 7403  
Mausoleum: Ashes:  
Other Relatives in Plot:
Lot Owner: TTRICE
Lot Location: 1
Block Location: 4
Section/Range Location: 7
GPS Coordinates:
Funeral Home: J. W. Karle
Funeral Home City/State: St. Joseph, Missouri
Cost of Interment: $6.00 Date Paid: 12/31/13
Photo(s) of Tombstone:
Tombstone photo
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